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[截癱] jiétān paraplegia

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jié, to cut off (a length)/to stop/to intercept/section/chunk/length
        lánjié, [攔截], to intercept
        jiéránbùtóng, entirely different/different as black and white
        jiéhuò, [截獲], to intercept/to cut off and capture
        jiézhǐ, to close/to stop/to put a stop to sth/cut-off point/stopping point/deadline
        zhíjiéliǎodàng, [直截了當], direct and plainspoken (idiom); blunt/straightforward
        jiézhī, amputation (medicine)/to amputate
        jiéqǔ, to cut off a section of sth
        jiéduàn, [截斷], to break or cut in two/to sever/to cut off/(fig.) to cut off (a conversation, a ...
        zǔjié, to stop/to obstruct/to bar the way
        jiézhì, up to (a time)/by (a time)
        bànjié, half (of sth)/halfway through
        jiérán, completely/sharply (differing)
        jiétān, [截癱], paraplegia/paralysis
        héngjiémiàn, [橫截面], cross-section
        zhǎndīngjiétiě, [斬釘截鐵], lit. to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom)/fig. resolute and decisive/unhe...
        jiéjī, [截擊], to intercept (military)
        jiémiàn, section/cross-section

        tānhuàn, [癱瘓], paralysis/be paralyzed (body, transportation, etc)
        tān, [癱], paralyzed
        jiétān, [截癱], paraplegia/paralysis
        nǎotān, [腦癱], cerebral palsy
        tānzi, [癱子], paralyzed person
        tānruǎn, [癱軟], limp/weak
        piāntān, [偏癱], paralysis of one side of the body/hemiplegia

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