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HSK 5 word: freq index 3791
HSK 5 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 2105
to support with the hand
to help sb up
to support oneself by holding onto something
to help

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fú, to support with the hand/to help sb up/to support oneself by holding onto someth...
        fúshǒu, handrail/armrest
        fúchí, to help/to assist
        jiùsǐfúshāng, [救死扶傷], to help the dying and heal the injured
        fútī, ladder/staircase/escalator
        fúyǎng, [扶養], to foster/to bring up/to raise
        fúyáozhíshàng, [扶搖直上], to skyrocket/to get quick promotion in one's career
        Fúsāng, Fusang, mythical island of ancient literature, often interpreted as Japan
        chānfú, [攙扶], to lend an arm to support sb
        fúzhí, to foster/to support
        fúshǒuyǐ, armchair
        fúzhù, to assist

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