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Word: freq index 24921
fútī ladder

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fú, to support with the hand/to help sb up/to support oneself by holding onto someth...
        fúshǒu, handrail/armrest
        fúchí, to help/to assist
        jiùsǐfúshāng, [救死扶傷], to help the dying and heal the injured
        fútī, ladder/staircase/escalator
        fúyǎng, [扶養], to foster/to bring up/to raise
        fúyáozhíshàng, [扶搖直上], to skyrocket/to get quick promotion in one's career
        Fúsāng, Fusang, mythical island of ancient literature, often interpreted as Japan
        chānfú, [攙扶], to lend an arm to support sb
        fúzhí, to foster/to support
        fúshǒuyǐ, armchair
        fúzhù, to assist

        diàntī, [電梯], elevator/escalator/CL:臺|台[tái],部[bù]
        lóutī, [樓梯], stair/staircase/CL:個|个[gè]
        tīzi, ladder/stepladder
        tī, ladder/stairs
        jiētī, [階梯], flight of steps/(fig.) a means of advancement/stepping stone
        yúntī, [雲梯], escalade
        huátī, (children's) sliding board/a slide
        fútī, ladder/staircase/escalator
        shéngtī, [繩梯], a rope ladder
        tīduì, [梯隊], echelon (military)/(of an organisation) group of persons of one level or grade
        tījí, [梯級], stair/rung of a ladder
        tīxíng, trapezoid/ladder-shaped/terraced
        xuántī, spiral stairs/winding stairs (gymnastic equipment)
        xiántī, gangway/ramp (to board a ship or plane)
        tīdù, gradient
        tītián, stepped fields/terracing
        tiāntī, stairway to heaven/high mountain road/tall ladder on a building or other large s...

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