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Word: freq index 26583
[撫育] fǔyù to nurture
to raise
to foster
to tend

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fǔyǎng, [撫養], to foster/to bring up/to raise
        fǔmō, [撫摸], to gently caress and stroke/to pet/to fondle
        ānfǔ, [安撫], to placate/to pacify/to appease
        àifǔ, [愛撫], to caress/to fondle/to look after (tenderly)/affectionate care
        fǔwèi, [撫慰], to console/to comfort/to soothe
        fǔ, [撫], to comfort/to console/to stroke/to caress/an old term for province or provincial...
        fǔxùjīn, [撫恤金], compensation payment (for injury)/relief payment
        fǔpíng, [撫平], to flatten/to smooth down/to unwrinkle/(fig.) to soothe (emotional wounds)/to he...
        fǔyǎngfèi, [撫養費], child support payment (after a divorce)
        fǔyù, [撫育], to nurture/to raise/to foster/to tend
        xúnfǔ, [巡撫], inspector-general of province in Ming and Qing times
        fǔmó, [撫摩], to stroke/to caress
        fǔxù, [撫卹], (of an organization that has a duty of care) to give financial support to relati...
        fǔài, [撫愛], to love tenderly/affection/loving care/to caress

        jiàoyù, to educate/to teach/education
        tǐyù, [體育], sports/physical education
        tǐyùguǎn, [體育館], gym/gymnasium/stadium/CL:個|个[gè]
        shēngyù, to bear/to give birth/to grow/to rear/to bring up (children)/fertility
        fāyù, [發育], to develop/to mature/growth/development/(sexually) mature
        yǎngyù, [養育], to rear/to bring up/to nurture
        yù, to have children/to raise or bring up/to educate
        tǐyùchǎng, [體育場], stadium/CL:個|个[gè],座[zuò]
        yùnyù, to be pregnant/to produce offspring/to nurture (a development, school of thought...
        péiyù, to train/to breed
        shēngéryùnǚ, [生兒育女], to bear and raise children
        tǐyùyùndòng, [體育運動], sports/physical culture
        gāoděngjiàoyù, higher education
        jìhuàshēngyù, [計劃生育], family planning
        fǔyù, [撫育], to nurture/to raise/to foster/to tend
        Jiàoyùbù, Ministry of Education
        jiéyù, [節育], to practice birth control
        tǐyùjiè, [體育界], sports circles/the sporting world
        bǎoyù, childcare/conservation (of the environment etc)
        bǔyù, to feed/to nurture/to foster
        jiàoyùxué, [教育學], pedagogy
        jiàoyùjiā, educationalist
        juéyù, [絕育], to sterilize/to spay
        tèshūjiàoyù, special education/special-needs education
        xuéqiánjiàoyù, [學前教育], preschool education/early childhood education
        bùyùzhèng, sterility/barrenness
        tǐyùchǎngguǎn, [體育場館], gymnasium
        yùérdài, [育兒袋], marsupial pouch
        jiàoyùjiè, academic world/academic circles/academia
        chūděngjiàoyù, primary education/junior school education
        fāyùqī, [發育期], puberty/period of development
        yùér, [育兒], to raise a child
        jiàoyùgōngzuòzhě, educator
        fányù, to breed
        shēngyùlǜ, birth rate
        jiàoyùwěiyuánhuì, [教育委員會], school board
        yùlíng, [育齡], childbearing age
        jīchǔjiàoyù, [基礎教育], elementary education

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