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饿 Word: freq index 9932
[挨餓] áiè to go hungry
to endure starvation

Character Composition


Character Compounds


Word Compounds

        āi/ái, in order/in sequence/close to/adjacent to, to suffer/to endure/to pull through (...
饿         áiè, [挨餓], to go hungry/to endure starvation/famished
        áidǎ, to take a beating/to get thrashed/to come under attack
        āizhe, [挨著], near
        áizòu, to be beaten/to take a drubbing/buffeted/knocked about
        āijiāāihù, [挨家挨戶], to go from house to house
        āigè, [挨個], one by one/in turn
        áimà, [挨罵], to receive a scolding
        áipī, to be criticized/to suffer blame
        āijìn, to approach/to get close to/to sneak up on/near to
        āigèr, [挨個兒], erhua variant of 挨個|挨个[āi gè]
        āiménāihù, [挨門挨戶], see 挨家挨戶|挨家挨户[āi jiā āi hù]
        áizhěng, to be the target of an attack
        áidòu, [挨鬥], to suffer censure/denounced
饿         è, [餓], to be hungry/hungry/to starve (sb)
饿         jīè, [飢餓], hunger/starvation/famine
饿         áiè, [挨餓], to go hungry/to endure starvation/famished

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