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HSK 3 word: freq index 867
HSK 3 character: radical , 13 strokes, freq index 950
bān to move (i.e. relocate oneself)
to move (sth relatively heavy or bulky)
to shift
to copy indiscriminately

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bān, to move (i.e. relocate oneself)/to move (sth relatively heavy or bulky)/to shift...
        bānjiā, to move house/removal
        bānzǒu, to carry
        bānyùn, [搬運], freight/transport/portage/to transport/to carry
        bānyùngōng, [搬運工], porter
        bāndòng, [搬動], to move (sth around)/to move house
        bānqiān, [搬遷], to move/to relocate/removal
        zhàobān, to copy/to imitate
        bānnòngshìfēi, to incite a quarrel (idiom); to sow discord between people/to tell tales/to make...
        bānbīng, to call for reinforcements/to bring in troops

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