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Word: freq index 12871
Character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 1547
[㪟] dūn variant of 敦[dūn]
place name

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Lúndūn, [倫敦], London, capital of United Kingdom
        dūn, [㪟], variant of 敦[dūn], kindhearted/place name
        Xiūsīdūn, Houston, Texas
        Qiáozhìdūn, [喬治敦], Georgetown
        Kāipǔdūn, [開普敦], Cape Town (city in South Africa)
        dūncù, to press/to urge/to hasten
        Jīnsīdūn, Kingstown, capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines/Kingston, capital of Jama...
        Fúlǐdūn, Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone
        Dūnkèěrkè, [敦刻爾克], Dunkirk, port in northern France
        dūnhòu, genuine/honest and sincere

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