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Word: freq index 59186
xuánjí soon after

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xuánzhuǎn, [旋轉], to rotate/to revolve/to spin/to whirl
        xuánlǜ, melody/rhythm
        pánxuán, [盤旋], to spiral/to circle/to go around/to hover/to orbit
        luóxuán, spiral/helix/screw
        xuànfēng, [旋風], whirlwind/tornado
        xuán/xuàn, to revolve/a loop/a circle, to whirl/immediately/variant of 鏇|镟[xuàn]
        kǎixuán, [凱旋], to return in triumph/to return victorious
        huíxuán, [迴旋], to cycle around/cyclotron/slalom, to turn around/maneuvering room/leeway
        zhōuxuán, to mix with others/to socialize/to deal with/to contend
        luóxuánjiǎng, [螺旋槳], propeller
        zhǔxuánlǜ, theme or subject (music)
        xuánniǔ, [旋鈕], knob (e.g. handle or radio button)
        xuánwō, [旋渦], spiral/whirlpool/eddy/vortex
        wòxuán, to mediate (a conflict etc)
        qìxuán, [氣旋], cyclone
        luóxuántǐ, [螺旋體], Spirochaetes, phylum of extremophile bacteria/spiral-shaped bacterium, e.g. caus...
        xuántī, spiral stairs/winding stairs (gymnastic equipment)
        luóxuánzǎo, spiral algae/spirulina (dietary supplement)
        kǎixuánmén, [凱旋門], triumphal arch
        wōxuán, [渦旋], eddy/vortex
        xuánjí, soon after/shortly
        xuánrào, [旋繞], to curl up/to wind around

使         jíshǐ, even if/even though
        jíjiāng, [即將], on the eve of/to be about to/to be on the verge of
        jí, namely/that is/i.e./prompt/at once/at present/even if/prompted (by the occasion)...
        lìjí, immediately
便         jíbiàn, even if/even though/right away/immediately
        jíxìng, [即興], improvisation (in the arts)/impromptu/extemporaneous
        jíshí, [即時], immediate
        jíkè, immediately/instant/instantly
        jíkě, equivalent to 就可以/can then (do sth)/can immediately (do sth)/(do sth) and that w...
        yīchùjífā, [一觸即發], could happen at any moment/on the verge
        suíjí, [隨即], immediately/presently/following which
        jíxí, impromptu/improvised/to take one's seat (at a banquet etc)
        shāozòngjíshì, [稍縱即逝], transient/fleeting
        zàijí, near at hand/imminent/within sight
        dāngjí, [當即], at once/on the spot
        jírì, this or that very day/in the next few days
        yīpāijíhé, lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom)/to hit it off/to click together/...
        fēicǐjíbǐ, either this or that/one or the other
        jíwèi, to succeed to the throne/accession
        xuánjí, soon after/shortly
        xùnjí, immediately/promptly/quickly
        ruòjíruòlí, [若即若離], lit. seeming neither close nor distant (idiom)/fig. to keep one's distance/(of a...
        jíhuò, even if/even though

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