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Word: freq index 17670
HSK 6 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 2886
gāng flagpole
gàng variant of 槓
[槓] gàng thick pole
thick line
to mark with a thick line
to sharpen (knife)
(old) coffin-bearing pole

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bǎoxiǎngàng, [保險槓], car bumper
        gāng/gàng, [槓], flagpole/footbridge, variant of 槓|杠[gàng], thick pole/bar/rod/thick line/to mark...
        gànggǎn, [槓桿], lever/pry bar/crowbar/financial leverage
        gànglíng, [槓鈴], barbell
        gàngzi, [槓子], thick bar/solid carrying pole
        qiàogàng, [撬槓], crowbar
        táigàng, [抬槓], to bicker/to argue for the sake of arguing/to carry on poles (together with sb e...
        dāngàng, [單槓], bar/bold line/horizontal bar (gymnastics event)
        qiāozhúgàng, [敲竹槓], extortion by taking advantage of sb's weakness
        gāodīgàng, [高低槓], uneven bars (gymnastics)
        shuānggàng, [雙槓], parallel bars (gymnastics event)

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