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[柵欄] zhàlán fence

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhàlán, [柵欄], fence
        zhà, [柵], fence/also pr. [shān]
        shānjí, [柵極], grid (in vacuum tubes)/gate (terminal of a field-effect transistor)
        Mùzhà, [木柵], Muzha (old spelling: Mucha), suburb to the southeast of Taipei

        zhuānlán, [專欄], special column
        zhàlán, [柵欄], fence
        lán, [欄], fence/railing/hurdle/column or box (of text or other data)
        lángān, [欄杆], railing/banister
        wéilán, [圍欄], fencing/railings/fence
        lánmù, [欄目], regular column or segment (in a publication or broadcast program)/program (TV or...
        kuàlán, [跨欄], hurdles/hurdle race (athletics)
广         guǎnggàolán, [廣告欄], advertising column (in a newspaper)/bulletin board
        niúlán, [牛欄], cattle pen
        gōngbùlán, [公佈欄], bulletin board
        bùgàolán, [佈告欄], bulletin board
        pínglán, [憑欄], to lean on a parapet

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