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Word: freq index 32430
qiànjiù remorseful

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bàoqiàn, to be sorry/to feel apologetic/sorry!
        dàoqiàn, to apologize
        qiànyì, apology/regret
        qiàn, to apologize/to regret/deficient
        zhìqiàn, to apologize/to express regret
        qiànjiù, remorseful/guilt-ridden
        qiànshōu, crop failure/poor harvest

        nèijiù, [內疚], guilty conscience/to feel a twinge of guilt
        kuìjiù, to feel guilty/to feel ashamed of oneself/to be remorseful
        fùjiù, [負疚], (literary) to feel apologetic/to feel guilty
        qiànjiù, remorseful/guilt-ridden
        jiù, chronic disease/guilt/remorse

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