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qítú fork in a road
wrong road

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qíshì, [歧視], to discriminate against/discrimination
        fēnqí, divergent/difference (of opinion, position)/disagreement/bifurcation (math.)
        zhǒngzúqíshì, [種族歧視], racial discrimination/racism
        qítú, fork in a road/wrong road
        wùrùqítú, [誤入歧途], to take a wrong step in life (idiom)/to go astray
        qíyì, [歧義], ambiguity/several possible meanings
        qí, divergent/side road
        qílù, to diverge from the main road, also figuratively

        qiántú, prospects/future outlook/journey
        lǚtú, journey/trip
        tújìng, [途徑], way/channel
        túzhōng, en route
        zhōngtú, midway
        yòngtú, use/application
        chángtú, [長途], long distance
        tú, way/route/road
        bàntúérfèi, [半途而廢], to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished
        lùtú, (lit. and fig.) road/path
        mítú, to lose one's way
        qiántúwúliàng, [前途無量], to have boundless prospects
        chángtúbáshè, [長途跋涉], long and difficult trek
        tújīng, [途經], to pass through/via/by way of
        qítú, fork in a road/wrong road
        dàotīngtúshuō, [道聽途說], gossip/hearsay/rumor
        wùrùqítú, [誤入歧途], to take a wrong step in life (idiom)/to go astray
沿         yántú, along the sides of the road/by the wayside
        chángtúdiànhuà, [長途電話], long-distance call
        zhēngtú, long journey/trek/course of an expedition
        chángtúqìchē, [長途汽車], long-distance coach
        shìtú, official career (formal)
        chángtúchē, [長途車], long-distance bus/coach
        mítúzhīfǎn, to get back on the right path/to mend one's ways
        shūtútóngguī, [殊途同歸], different routes to the same destination (idiom); fig. different means of achiev...
        guītú, [歸途], the way back/one's journey home
        tǎntú, highway/level road
        lǎomǎshítú, [老馬識途], an old horse knows the way (idiom); an experienced worker knows what to do/an ol...
        ZhōngtúDǎo, [中途島], Midway Islands

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