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Word: freq index 6537
HSK 4 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 1031
[畢] surname Bi
the whole of
to finish
to complete

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bìyè, [畢業], graduation/to graduate/to finish school
        wánbì, [完畢], to finish/to end/to complete
        bìjìng, [畢竟], after all/all in all/when all is said and done/in the final analysis
        Bì/bì, [畢], surname Bi, the whole of/to finish/to complete/complete/full/finished
        bìshēng, [畢生], all one's life/lifetime
        bìyèshēng, [畢業生], graduate
        Bìjiāsuǒ, [畢加索], Picasso
        Nèiluóbì, [內羅畢], Nairobi, capital of Kenya
        Bìdágēlāsī, [畢達哥拉斯], Pythagoras
        fēngmángbìlù, [鋒芒畢露], to show off one's ability
        bìgōngbìjìng, [畢恭畢敬], reverent and respectful/extremely deferential
        bìzī, [畢茲], QNB (quinuclidinyl benzilate)
        xiōngxiàngbìlù, [兇相畢露], show one's ferocious appearance (idiom); the atrocious features revealed/with fa...
宿         bìxiùwǔ, [畢宿五], Aldebaran or Alpha Tauri

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