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[溝槽] gōucáo groove

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gōutōng, [溝通], to join/to connect/to link up/to communicate
        gōu, [溝], ditch/gutter/groove/gully/ravine/CL:道[dào]
        shuǐgōu, [水溝], gutter/sewer
        fùgǔgōu, [腹股溝], groin (anatomy)
        páishuǐgōu, [排水溝], gutter
        gōuqú, [溝渠], channel/moat/irrigation canal
        háogōu, [壕溝], trench/moat
鸿         hónggōu, [鴻溝], (fig.) gulf/chasm/wide gap/(originally) the Hong Canal in Henan, which in ancien...
        dàigōu, [代溝], generation gap
        hǎigōu, [海溝], marine trench
        shāngōu, [山溝], valley/gully/mountain region
        gōucáo, [溝槽], groove/furrow/trench
        gōuhè, [溝壑], gorge/gulch/ravine/deep ditch
        hégōu, [河溝], brook/ditch
        lǒnggōu, [壟溝], furrow (agriculture)

        cáo, trough/manger/groove/channel/(Tw) (computing) hard drive
        shuǐcáo, sink
        tiàocáo, to change jobs/job-hopping
        āocáo, recess/notch/groove/fillister
        gōucáo, [溝槽], groove/furrow/trench
        shícáo, manger
        cáoyá, molar tooth

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