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Word: freq index 10713
HSK 5 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 2509
[氾] fàn variant of 泛[fàn]
[汎] fàn variant of 泛[fàn]
to float
to be suffused with
pan- (prefix)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fàn, [氾]/[汎], variant of 泛[fàn], variant of 泛[fàn], to float/to be suffused with/general/exten...
广         guǎngfàn, [廣泛], extensive/wide range
        fànlàn, [泛濫], to be in flood/to overflow (the banks)/to inundate/to spread unchecked
        Fànměi, Pan American
        kuānfàn, [寬泛], wide-ranging
        fànzhōu, to go boating
        fànqǐ, to appear/to emerge/to surface
        fànzhǐ, to make a general reference/to be used in a general sense
        fànfànértán, [泛泛而談], to speak in general terms
        fànlànchéngzāi, [泛濫成災], lit. to flood (idiom)/fig. rampant/in plague proportions
        kōngfàn, vague and general/not specific/shallow/empty
        fànyīn, overtone/a harmonic

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