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Word: freq index 26227
HSK 5 character: radical 丿, 5 strokes, freq index 2012
short of

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        quēfá, to lack/to be short of/lack/shortage
        fáwèi, tedious
        fá, short of/tired
        kuìfá, [匱乏], to be deficient in sth/to be short of sth (supplies, money etc)
        bùfá, there is no lack of
        pínfá, [貧乏], impoverished/lacking/deficient/limited/meager/impoverishment/lack/deficiency
        fálì, lacking in strength/weak/feeble
        huítiānfáshù, [回天乏術], unable to turn around a hopeless situation (idiom)/to fail to save the situation
        pífá, tired/weary
        jiěfá, to relieve tiredness/to freshen up

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