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Word: freq index 34499
[滾筒] gǔntǒng roller
cylinder (machine part)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gǔn, [滾], to boil/to roll/to take a hike/Get lost!
        yáogǔn, [搖滾], rock 'n' roll (music)/to rock/to fall off
        gǔnkāi, [滾開], to boil (of liquid)/boiling hot/Get out!/Go away!/fuck off (rude)
        gǔndàn, [滾蛋], get out of here!/beat it!
        yáogǔnyuè, [搖滾樂], rock music/rock 'n roll
        fāngǔn, [翻滾], to roll/to boil
        dǎgǔn, [打滾], to roll about
        gǔndòng, [滾動], to roll/lap (of a race)/to roll over (e.g. investment)/rolling/consecutive/rumbl...
        gǔngǔn, [滾滾], to surge on/to roll on
        gǔntàng, [滾燙], boiling/scalding
        gǔntǒng, [滾筒], roller/cylinder (machine part)/drum
        gǔnbiān, [滾邊], (of a dress etc) border, edging
        mōpágǔndǎ, [摸爬滾打], to go through arduous training or hard work
        gǔnyuán, [滾圓], as round as a ball
        gǔnshuǐ, [滾水], boiling water

        tǒng, [筩], tube/cylinder/to encase in sth cylindrical (such as hands in sleeves etc), varia...
        huàtǒng, [話筒], microphone/(telephone) receiver/handset
        shǒudiàntǒng, [手電筒], flashlight/electric hand torch
        huǒjiàntǒng, bazooka/rocket launcher
        tīngtǒng, [聽筒], telephone receiver/headphone/earphone/earpiece/stethoscope
        yóutǒng, [郵筒], mailbox/pillar box/(old) letter
        yuántǒng, [圓筒], circular cylinder/drum
        chūqìtǒng, [出氣筒], (metaphorical) punching bag/undeserving target of sb's wrath
        wànhuātǒng, [萬花筒], kaleidoscope
        gǔntǒng, [滾筒], roller/cylinder (machine part)/drum
        zhútǒng, bamboo tube/bamboo pipe
        qìtǒng, [氣筒], inflator/bicycle pump
        bǐtǒng, [筆筒], pen container/brush pot
        tàotǒng, sleeve/a tube for wrapping
        chuánshēngtǒng, [傳聲筒], loudhailer/megaphone/one who parrots sb/mouthpiece
        liángtǒng, graduated measuring cylinder/volumetric cylinder
        xìntǒng, mailbox/postbox
        yāntong, [煙筒], chimney/stovepipe/smokestack

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