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Word: freq index 9973
mànmàn long

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        làngmàn, romantic
        mànhuà, [漫畫], caricature/cartoon/Japanese manga
        màncháng, [漫長], very long/endless
        mànbù, to wander/to ramble/recreational hiking/to perambulate
        mànmàn, long/endless/boundless
        màn, free/unrestrained/to inundate
        mànyóu, [漫遊], to travel around/to roam/(mobile telephony) roaming
        mímàn, [彌漫]/[瀰漫], to pervade/to fill the air/diffuse/everywhere present/about to inundate (water)/...
        mànhuàjiā, [漫畫家], cartoon writer (from Japanese mangaka)
        làngmànzhǔyì, [浪漫主義], romanticism
        màntiān, lit. to fill the whole sky/everywhere/as far as the eye can see
        sǎnmàn, undisciplined/unorganized
        mànbùjīngxīn, [漫不經心], careless/heedless/absent-minded/indifferent
        màntiānyàojià, [漫天要價], to ask for sky-high prices
        mànwúbiānjì, [漫無邊際], extremely vast/boundless/limitless/digressing/discursive/going off on tangents/s...
        tiānzhēnlànmàn, [天真爛漫], innocent and unaffected
        mànshānbiànyě, lit. covering the mountains and the plains (idiom)/fig. as far as the eye can se...
        lànmàn, [爛漫], brightly colored/unaffected (i.e. behaving naturally)

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