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Word: freq index 56110
róngróng to melt
to fuse

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        róngyán, lava
        rónghuà, to melt (of ice, metals etc)
        róng, to smelt/to fuse
        rónglú, [熔爐], smelting furnace/forge
        róngjiě, fusion
        róngliàn, [熔煉], to smelt
        róngróng, to melt/to fuse
        róngdiǎn, [熔點], melting point

        róngrù, to blend into/to integrate/to assimilate/to merge
        rónghuà, to melt/to thaw/to dissolve/to blend into/to combine/to fuse
        jīnróng, banking/finance/financial
        rónghé, a mixture/an amalgam/fusion/welding together/to be in harmony with (nature)/to h...
        róngqià, harmonious/friendly relations/on good terms with one another
        róng, [螎], to melt/to thaw/to blend/to merge/to be in harmony, old variant of 融[róng]
        róngwéiyītǐ, [融為一體], to fuse together (idiom)/hypostatic union (religion)
        tōngróng, flexible/to accommodate/to stretch or get around regulations/a short-term loan
        róngzī, [融資], financing
        jiāoróng, to blend/to mix
        xiāoróng, to melt (e.g. an icecap)
        jīnróngjiā, financier/banker
        qílèróngróng, [其樂融融], (of relations) joyous and harmonious
        jīnróngjiè, banking circles/the world of finance
        róngjiě, to melt/molten/fig. to understand thoroughly
        róngróng, in harmony/happy/warm relations
        jīnróngyè, [金融業], financial sector/the banking business
        rónghuì, [融匯], fusion/to combine as one
        róngróng, to melt/to fuse
        rónghuìguàntōng, [融會貫通], to master the subject via a comprehensive study of surrounding areas
        rónghuì, [融會], to blend/to integrate/to amalgamate/to fuse

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