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[瘡痍] chuāngyí lit. wound
fig. the desolation of trauma
desolation in the aftermath of a disaster

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhìchuāng, [痔瘡], hemorrhoid
        chuāng, [瘡], sore/skin ulcer
        qiānchuāngbǎikǒng, [千瘡百孔], riddled with gaping wounds/afflicted with all ills
        chuāngbā, [瘡疤], scar
        cuóchuāng, [痤瘡], acne
        rùchuāng, [褥瘡], bedsore
        jièchuāng, [疥瘡], scabies/welts
        kǒuchuāng, [口瘡], mouth ulcer

        yí, bruise/sores

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