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huángguān crown (headgear)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        huánghòu, empress/imperial consort
        huángjiā, royal/imperial household
        huángdì, emperor/CL:個|个[gè]
        huángshì, royal family/imperial household/member of the royal family
        Jiàohuáng, Roman Catholic pope/Supreme Pontiff
        huángguān, crown (headgear)
        nǚhuáng, empress
        Huáng, emperor/surname Huang
        huánggōng, [皇宮], imperial palace
        Tiānhuáng, Emperor of Japan/Tennō/Mikado
        huángshang, the emperor/Your majesty the emperor/His imperial majesty
        huángzú, the imperial family/royal kin
        guānmiǎntánghuáng, high-sounding/dignified/pompous (idiom)
        shāhuáng, czar (loanword)
        huángtàizǐ, crown prince
        fùlìtánghuáng, [富麗堂皇], sumptuous mansions (idiom); splendorous and majestic
        tángérhuángzhī, overt/to make no secret (of one's presence)/grandiose/with great scope
        huángwèi, the title of Emperor
        cānghuáng, [倉皇], in a panic/flurried
        huángjūn, [皇軍], imperial army (esp. Japanese)
        QínShǐhuáng, Qin Shihuang (259-210 BC), the first emperor
        lǎohuánglì, [老皇曆], lit. last year's calendar (almanac)/fig. ancient history/obsolete practice/old-f...
        bǎohuángdǎng, [保皇黨], royalists
        tánghuáng, imposing/grand
        huángcháo, the imperial court/the government in imperial times
        huángliáng, [皇糧], lit. imperial funding for troops/funds or items supplied by the government
        Huángchéng, Imperial City, inner part of Beijing, with the Forbidden City at its center
        huángqīnguóqī, [皇親國戚], the emperor relatives (idiom); person with powerful connections
        huángquán, [皇權], imperial power
        tǔhuángdì, local tyrant
        YùhuángDàdì, Jade Emperor
        huángchǔ, [皇儲], crown prince
        huángzǐ, prince
        Tàishànghuáng, Taishang Huang/Retired Emperor/father of the reigning emperor/fig. puppet master
        huángtàihòu, [皇太後], empress dowager
        HuángMǎ, [皇馬], Real Madrid soccer team/abbr. for 皇家馬德里|皇家马德里

        guànjūn, [冠軍], champion/CL:個|个[gè]
        huángguān, crown (headgear)
        Guàn/guān/guàn, surname Guan, hat/crown/crest/cap, to put on a hat/to be first/to dub
        wángguān, crown
        duóguàn, [奪冠], to seize the crown/fig. to win a championship/to win gold medal
        guìguān, laurel/victory garland (in Greek and western culture)
        guànjūnsài, [冠軍賽], championship
        yīguānchǔchǔ, immaculately dressed/well-groomed/dapper
        guānzhuàngdòngmài, [冠狀動脈], coronary artery
        yīguān, hat and clothes/attire
        guānmiǎntánghuáng, high-sounding/dignified/pompous (idiom)
        guānxīnbìng, coronary heart disease
        guānmiǎn, royal crown/official hat/official/leader/chief/elegant and stately
        huāguān, corolla
        nùfàchōngguān, [怒髮衝冠], lit. hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat (idiom)/fig. seething in ang...
        shùguān, [樹冠], treetop
齿         chǐguān, [齒冠], crown of tooth
        Jīguān/jīguān, [雞冠], Jiguan district of Jixi city 雞西|鸡西[Jī xī], Heilongjiang, crest/cockscomb
        ChénGuānxī, [陳冠希], Edison Chen (1980-), Hong Kong singer and actor
        bùdìngguàncí, [不定冠詞], indefinite article (e.g. English a, an)
        yáguān, crown of tooth
        tánguānxiāngqìng, [彈冠相慶], lit. to flick dust off sb's cap (idiom); to celebrate an official appointment/to...

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