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Word: freq index 32567
HSK 6 character: radical , 9 strokes, freq index 2868
yíng full

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yínglì, profit/gain
        qīngyíng, [輕盈], graceful/lithe/light and graceful/lighthearted/relaxed
        fēiyínglì, non-profit
        rèlèiyíngkuàng, [熱淚盈眶], eyes brimming with tears of excitement (idiom)/extremely moved
        chōngyíng, abundant/plentiful
        yíng, full/filled/surplus
        èguànmǎnyíng, [惡貫滿盈], lit. strung through and filled with evil (idiom); filled with extreme evil/reple...
        yíngyú, [盈餘], surplus/profit
        yíngkuī, [盈虧], profit and loss/waxing and waning
        fēngyíng, [豐盈], well-rounded/plump
        zìfùyíngkuī, [自負盈虧], responsible for its profit and losses (of organization)/financially autonomous/p...

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