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Word: freq index 30076
Character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 3100
juàn concern
wife and children
[睠] juàn variant of 眷[juàn]
to care about
to look fondly on

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        juàngù, [眷顧], to care for/to show concern for/to think longingly (of one's country)
        juàn, [睠], concern/wife and children, variant of 眷[juàn]/to care about/to look fondly on
        juànshǔ, [眷屬], family member/husband and wife
        jiājuàn, one's wife and children
        juànliàn, [眷戀], to miss/to long for/to remember with longing/yearning
        juànniàn, to think fondly of
        nǚjuàn, the females in a family/womenfolk

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