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Word: freq index 77795
yāngmiáo seedling

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chāyāng, to transplant rice seedlings
        bìngyāngzi, (coll.) invalid/sickly person
        yāng, shoots/sprouts
        yāngmiáo, seedling

        yìmiáo, vaccine
        miáotiao, [苗條], (of a woman) slim/slender/graceful
        Miáo/miáo, Hmong or Miao ethnic group of southwest China/surname Miao, sprout
        yòumiáo, young sprout/bud/sapling/seedling
        miáotou, [苗頭], first signs/development (of a situation)
        huǒmiáo, flame
        MiáoPǔ/miáopǔ, Miao Pu (1977-), PRC actress, plant nursery/seedbed
        shùmiáo, [樹苗], sapling
        Miáozú, Hmong or Miao ethnic group of southwest China
        miáozi, young successor/seedling/sapling
        dòumiáo, pea shoots/bean seedling
        yúmiáo, [魚苗], fry/newly hatched fish
        kǎjièmiáo, BCG vaccine/bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine
        yāngmiáo, seedling
        dúmiáo, [獨苗], only child/sole scion
        Miáojiā, see 苗族[Miáo zú]
        jiànmiáo, [間苗], thinning out seedlings

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