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Word: freq index 5416
[糾纏] jiūchán to be in a tangle
to nag

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiūchán, [糾纏], to be in a tangle/to nag
        jiūzhèng, [糾正], to correct/to make right
        jiūfēn, [糾紛], dispute
        jiūjié, [糾結], to intertwine/to band together (with)/to link up (with)/twisted/tangled/confused...
        jiūgé, [糾葛], entanglement/dispute
        jiū, [糺]/[糾], old variant of 糾|纠[jiū], to gather together/to investigate/to entangle/to correc...
        jiūchá, [糾察], to maintain order/steward (policing a meeting)
        jiūjí, [糾集], to gather together/to muster
        jiūcuò, [糾錯], to correct an error

        chán, [纏], to wind around/to wrap round/to coil/tangle/to involve/to bother/to annoy
        jiūchán, [糾纏], to be in a tangle/to nag
        chánshēn, [纏身], (of an illness, debt etc) to plague sb/to preoccupy sb/difficult to get rid of
        chánmián, [纏綿], touching (emotions)/lingering (illness)
        chánrào, [纏繞], twisting/to twine/to wind/to pester/to bother
        hújiǎománchán, [胡攪蠻纏], to pester endlessly (idiom)/an annoying troublemaker
        yāochánwànguàn, [腰纏萬貫], lit. ten thousand strings of cash in money belt (idiom); carrying lots of money/...
        pánchán/pánchan, [盤纏], to twine/to coil, money for a voyage/travel expenses

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