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Word: freq index 33417
Character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 2453
[綿] mián silk floss
mild-mannered (dialect)
[緜] mián old variant of 綿

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hǎimián, [海綿], sponge (zoology)/sponge (piece of absorbent material, either natural or made fro...
        miányáng, [綿羊], sheep
        chánmián, [纏綿], touching (emotions)/lingering (illness)
        ruǎnmiánmián, [軟綿綿], soft/velvety/flabby/weak/schmaltzy
        miánmián, [綿綿], continuous/uninterrupted
        liánmián, [連綿], continuous/unbroken/uninterrupted/extending forever into the distance (of mounta...
        miányán, [綿延], continuous (esp. of mountain ranges)/to stretch long and unbroken/a continuous l...
        mián, [綿]/[緜], silk floss/continuous/soft/weak/mild-mannered (dialect), old variant of 綿|绵[mián...
        miánbó, [綿薄], my humble effort/my meager contribution (humble)
        miánmiánbùjué, [綿綿不絕], continuous/endless
        miáncháng, [綿長], long and continuous (coastline, sound etc)/extensive/prolonged
        miánlì, [綿力], one's limited power (humble expr.)
        miánlǐcángzhēn, [綿裡藏針], lit. a needle concealed in silk floss (idiom)/fig. ruthless character behind a g...
        yánmián, [延綿], to extend continuously

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