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Word: freq index 7922
HSK 6 character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 2067
hào to waste
to spend
to consume
to squander
(coll.) to delay
to dilly-dally

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hàozi, (dialect) mouse/rat
        hào, to waste/to spend/to consume/to squander/news/(coll.) to delay/to dilly-dally
        xiāohào, to use up/to consume
        hàojìn, [耗盡], to exhaust/to use up/to deplete/to drain
        hàofèi, [耗費], to waste/to spend/to consume/to squander
        èhào, news of sb's death/grievous news
        sǔnhào, [損耗], wear and tear
        hàoshí, [耗時], time-consuming/to take a period of (x amount of time)
        hàozī, [耗資], to spend/expenditure/to cost
        hàoyóuliàng, fuel consumption
        hàosǔn, [耗損], to waste
        hàocái, consumables/to consume raw materials
        yóuhào, fuel consumption
        xiāohàoliàng, rate of consumption
        xiāohàozhàn, [消耗戰], war of attrition

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