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Word: freq index 2544
HSK 4 character: radical , 14 strokes, freq index 1033
to congregate
to assemble
to mass
to gather together
to amass
to polymerize

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jùhuì, [聚會], party/gathering/to meet/to get together
        jù, to congregate/to assemble/to mass/to gather together/to amass/to polymerize
        jùjí, to assemble/to gather
        tuánjù, [團聚], to reunite/to have a reunion
        xiāngjù, to meet together/to assemble
        jùguāngdēng, [聚光燈], spotlight
        jùcān, communal meal/formal dinner of club or group
        jùjiāo, to focus
        níngjù, to condense/to coagulate/coacervation (i.e. form tiny droplets)/aggregation/cohe...
        huìjù, [匯聚], convergence/to come together
        jùbiàn, [聚變], fusion (physics)
        jùhé, to come together (to form sth)/to assemble together/(chemistry) to polymerize
        jījù, [積聚], to coalesce/to gather together/to amass
        jùshǒu, to gather/to meet
        níngjùlì, cohesion/cohesiveness/cohesive
        huānjùyītáng, [歡聚一堂], to gather happily under one roof
        jùjū, to inhabit a region (esp. ethnic group)/to congregate
        jùjūdì, inhabited land/habitat
        jùhéwù, polymer
        huānjù, [歡聚], to get together socially/to celebrate/party/celebration
        jùyǐxī, polythene/polyethylene
        jíjù, to assemble/to gather
        jùjīnghuìshén, [聚精會神], to concentrate one's attention (idiom)
        jùzhòng, [聚眾], to gather a crowd/to muster
        jùlǜyǐxī, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
        jùqí, [聚齊], to meet together/to assemble (of a group of people)
        jùjī, [聚積], to accumulate/to collect/to build up
        jùzhǐ, polyester
        jùlǒng, [聚攏], to gather together
        jùānzhǐ, polyurethane
        jùbǐngxī, polypropylene
        jùtànsuānzhǐ, polycarbonate
        jùběnyǐxī, polystyrene
        jùbǎopén, [聚寶盆], treasure bowl (mythology)/fig. source of wealth/cornucopia/gold mine
        chóngjù, to meet again
        jùdǔ, [聚賭], communal gambling
        gāojùwù, polymer
        qúnjù, to gather/to congregate/to aggregate
        jùshāchéngtǎ, sand grains accumulate to make a tower a tower (idiom); by gathering small amoun...
        jùzhǐxiānwéi, [聚酯纖維], polyester fiber

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