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Word: freq index 21016
HSK 5 character: radical , 17 strokes, freq index 2895
[驟] zhòu sudden
Taiwan pr. [zòu]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bùzhòu, [步驟], procedure/step
        zhòu, [驟], sudden/unexpected/abrupt/suddenly/Taiwan pr. [zòu]
        zhòujiàng, [驟降], to fall rapidly/to plummet
        zhòuyǔ, [驟雨], shower
        bàofēngzhòuyǔ, [暴風驟雨], violent wind and rainstorm/hurricane/tempest
        zhòurán, [驟然], suddenly/abruptly
        zhòubiàn, [驟變], abrupt change/sudden discontinuity

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