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Word: freq index 5671
HSK 5 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 1639
jiān shoulder
to shoulder (responsibilities etc)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiānbǎng, shoulder
        jiān, shoulder/to shoulder (responsibilities etc)
        bìngjiān, [並肩], alongside/shoulder to shoulder/side by side/abreast
        pījiān, cape/shawl/(of long hair) to trail over one's shoulders
        jiānfù, [肩負], to shoulder (a burden)/to bear/to suffer (a disadvantage)
        cājiānérguò, [擦肩而過], brief encounter/to brush past sb
        sǒngjiān, [聳肩], to shrug one's shoulders
        jiānjiǎgǔ, scapula/shoulder blade
        jiāntóu, [肩頭], on one's shoulders/(dialect) shoulder
        jiānzhāng, epaulet/shoulder loop/shoulder mark
        diànjiān, [墊肩], shoulder pad
        jiānjiǎ, shoulder/scapular region/scapula
        kǎnjiān, sleeveless jacket (usually cotton)/Chinese waistcoat
        xiéshǒubìngjiān, [攜手並肩], hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder
        gōujiāndābèi, arms around each other's shoulders (idiom)
        mójiānjiēzhǒng, lit. rubbing shoulders and following in each other's footsteps/a thronging crowd
        shuāngjiānbāo, [雙肩包], backpack

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