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fùqiāng abdominal cavity

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fùbù, abdomen/belly/flank
        fù, abdomen/stomach/belly
        pōufùchǎn, [剖腹產], Cesarean section
        fùjī, abdominal muscle
        fùxiè, [腹瀉], diarrhea/to have the runs
        fùqiāng, abdominal cavity
        fùgǔgōu, [腹股溝], groin (anatomy)
        fùtòng, bellyache/stomach pain
        xīnfù, trusted aide/confidant/reliable agent/to confide
        xiǎofù, underbelly/lower abdomen
        mǎnfù, [滿腹], filled with/preoccupied with
        pōufù, to cut open the abdomen/to disembowel/to speak from the heart
        pěngfùdàxiào, uproarious/hilarious/to split one's sides laughing/lit. to hold one's belly with...
        fùdì, hinterland/interior/outback
        kōngfù, an empty stomach
        fùmó, peritoneum (anatomy)
        tuīxīnzhìfù, to give one's bare heart into sb else's keeping (idiom); sb has one's absolute c...
便便         dàfùpiánpián, big-bellied (idiom)/paunchy
        shíbùguǒfù, lit. food not filling the stomach (idiom)/fig. poverty-stricken
        mǎnfùláosāo, [滿腹牢騷], lit. belly full of complaints (idiom)/discontent/always moaning and complaining
        fùshuǐ, ascites/ascitic fluid/hydroperitoneum (medicine)
        fùdài, [腹帶], belly band
        yífùzǐ, [遺腹子], posthumous child
        pěngfù, uproarious/hilarious/to split one's sides laughing/lit. to hold one's belly with...
稿         fùgǎo, mental outline
        kǒufù, (fig.) food
        xīnfùzhīhuàn, lit. calamity within one's bosom (idiom); major trouble hidden within

        niángniangqiāng, sissy/effeminate
        qiāng, cavity of body/barrel (e.g. engine cylinder)/compartment/tune/accent of speech
        xiōngqiāng, thoracic cavity
        qiāngdiào, [腔調], accent
        kǒuqiāng, oral cavity
        zhuāngqiāngzuòshì, [裝腔作勢], posturing/pretentious/affected
        fùqiāng, abdominal cavity
        bíqiāng, nasal cavity
        chàngqiāng, vocal music (in opera)/aria
        mǎnqiāng, [滿腔], one's heart filled with/full of (joy)
        pénqiāng, the pelvic cavity/birth canal
        dǎguānqiāng, to talk officiously/to assume the air of a functionary/to talk in official jargo...
        tǐqiāng, [體腔], body cavity/coelom (biology)
        dāqiāng, to answer/to respond/to converse
        kāiqiāng, [開腔], to speak out/to start speaking
        huāqiāng, florid ornamentation in opera/coloratura
        bāngqiāng, [幫腔], vocal accompaniment in some traditional Chinese operas/to speak in support of/to...
        zìzhèngqiāngyuán, [字正腔圓], (of singing or speaking) very articulate pronunciation and vocalizing
        mǎnqiāngrèchén, [滿腔熱忱], full of enthusiasm

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