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[蘆筍] lúsǔn asparagus

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        húlu, [葫蘆], calabash or bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)/hoist/generic term for block and ...
        lúsǔn, [蘆筍], asparagus
        lú, [蘆], rush/reed/Phragmites communis
        lúwěi, [蘆葦], reed
西         xīhúlu, [西葫蘆], zucchini
        zhàohúluhuàpiáo, [照葫蘆畫瓢], lit. to draw a dipper with a gourd as a model (idiom)/fig. to copy slavishly
        bīngtánghúlu, [冰糖葫蘆], tanghulu/candied fruits on bamboo skewers dipped in sugar syrup, a common Chines...
        tánghúlu, [糖葫蘆], sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn or other fruit on a stick/tanghulu
        húlúbā, [葫蘆巴], fenugreek leaves/methi leaves

        lúsǔn, [蘆筍], asparagus
        sǔn, [筍], bamboo shoot
        zhúsǔn, [竹筍], bamboo shoot
        dōngsǔn, [冬筍], winter bamboo shoots (smaller and tenderer as a result of being dug out before t...
        wōsǔn, [萵筍], Chinese lettuce/celtuce/asparagus lettuce/celery lettuce/stem lettuce
        shísǔn, [石筍], stalagmite
        yǔhòuchūnsǔn, [雨後春筍], lit. after rain, the spring bamboo (idiom); fig. rapid new growth/many new thing...

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