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[芳齡] fānglíng age (of a young woman)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fāng, fragrant
        fāngxiāng, balmy/fragrant/aromatic (chemistry)
        fēnfāng, perfume/fragrant
        fāngxīn, the affection, or heart, of a young woman
        liúfāngbǎishì, (of one's name, reputation etc) to be immortalized (idiom)/to leave a mark for g...
        Yǎfāng, Avon (cosmetics company)
        qúnfāng, all flowers/all beauties/all talents
        fānglíng, [芳齡], age (of a young woman)
        liúfāng, to leave a good reputation
        fāngtīng, [芳烴], aromatic hydrocarbon

        niánlíng, [年齡], (a person's) age/CL:把[bǎ],個|个[gè]
        bǎolíngqiú, [保齡球], ten-pin bowling (loanword)/bowling ball
        líng, [齡], age/length of experience, membership etc
        tónglíngrén, [同齡人], peer/one's contemporary/person of the same age
        tónglíng, [同齡], of the same age
        gāolíng, [高齡], elderly
        miàolíng, [妙齡], (of a girl) in the prime of youth
        dàlíng, [大齡], older (than average in a group, at school, for marriage etc)
        xuélíng, [學齡], school age
        fānglíng, [芳齡], age (of a young woman)
        lǎolínghuà, [老齡化], aging (population)
        hūnlíng, [婚齡], length of married life/marriageable age/actual marrying age
        shìlíng, [適齡], of age/of the appropriate age
        gōnglíng, [工齡], length of service/seniority
        lǎolíng, [老齡], old age/aging/aged/geriatric/the aged
        chāolíng, [超齡], too old/overage/(of a young person's behavior or attributes) beyond one's years/...
        yùlíng, [育齡], childbearing age
        dǎnglíng, [黨齡], party standing/age of service to the Party

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