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Word: freq index 10403
Character: radical , 16 strokes, freq index 2211
[籐] téng variant of 藤[téng]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        téng, [籐], variant of 藤[téng], rattan/cane/vine
        chángchūnténg, ivy
        Téngtián, Fujita (Japanese surname)
        Gōngténg, Kudō (Japanese surname)
        zǐténg, wisteria
        Jiāténg, Katō (Japanese surname)
        Zuǒténg, Satō (Japanese surname)
        chángqīngténg, ivy
        shùnténgmōguā, [順藤摸瓜], lit. to follow the vine to get to the melon/to track sth following clues
        téngtiáo, [藤條], rattan
        Hòuténg, [後藤], Gotō (Japanese surname)
        Ānténg, Andō (Japanese surname)
        Yīténg, Itō or Itoh, Japanese surname/Ito-Yokado (supermarket) (abbr. for 伊藤洋華堂|伊藤洋华堂)
        Zhāiténg, [齋藤], Saitō (Japanese surname)
        Téngyuán, Fujiwara (Japanese surname)
        téngmàn, vine/also pr. [téng wàn]
        pútaoténg, grape vine
        téngqiú, sepak takraw (sport)
        Téngběn, Fujimoto (Japanese surname)
        Yuǎnténg, [遠藤], Endō (Japanese surname)
        téngyǐ, rattan chair
        Téngjǐng, Fujii (Japanese surname)
        Téngzé, [藤澤], Fujisawa (Japanese surname and place name)
        Téngsēn, Fujimori (Japanese surname)/Alberto Ken'ya Fujimori (1938-), president of Peru 1...

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