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Word: freq index 29448
HSK 6 character: radical , 13 strokes, freq index 1714
[譽] to praise
to acclaim

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        róngyù, [榮譽], honor/credit/glory/(honorable) reputation/honorary
        míngyù, [名譽], fame/reputation/honor/honorary/emeritus (of retired professor)
        shēngyù, [聲譽], reputation/fame
        xìnyù, [信譽], prestige/distinction/reputation/trust
        zànyù, [贊譽], to praise/recognition
        yù, [譽], to praise/to acclaim/reputation
        xiǎngyù, [享譽], to be renowned
        měiyù, [美譽], fame/good reputation/famous for sth
        gūmíngdiàoyù, [沽名釣譽], to angle for fame (idiom)/to fish for compliments
        bùmíngyù, [不名譽], disreputable/disgraceful

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