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Word: freq index 50488
HSK 6 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 3343
[諱] huì to avoid mentioning
taboo word
name of deceased emperor or superior

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jìhuì, [忌諱], taboo/to avoid as taboo/to abstain from
        gòngrènbùhuì, [供認不諱], to make a full confession/to plead guilty
        zhíyánbùhuì, [直言不諱], to speak bluntly (idiom)/not to mince words
        bìhuì/bìhui, [避諱], to avoid a taboo word or topic, to avoid a taboo word or topic/to refrain from/t...
        huì, [諱], to avoid mentioning/taboo word/name of deceased emperor or superior
        huìmòrúshēn, [諱莫如深], important matter that must be kept secret (idiom); don't breathe a word of it to...
        yǐnhuì, [隱諱], to hold back from saying precisely what is on one's mind

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