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[診療] zhěnliáo diagnosis and treatment

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhěnsuǒ, [診所], clinic
        zhěnduàn, [診斷], diagnosis/to diagnose
        jízhěnshì, [急診室], emergency room
        jízhěn, [急診], emergency call/emergency (medical) treatment
        quèzhěn, [確診], to make a definite diagnosis
        ménzhěn, [門診], outpatient service
        huìzhěn, [會診], consultation (medical)/to meet for diagnosis/(by extension) consultation of diff...
        zhěn, [診], to examine or treat medically
        hòuzhěnshì, [候診室], waiting room (at clinic, hospital)
        zhěnliáo, [診療], diagnosis and treatment
        jiùzhěn, [就診], to see a doctor/to seek medical advice
        zhěnshì, [診室], consulting room
        chūzhěn, [出診], to visit a patient at home (of a doctor)/house call
        zhěnzhì, [診治], to diagnose and treat
        fùzhěn, [復診], another visit to doctor/further diagnosis
        tīngzhěnqì, [聽診器], stethoscope
        wènzhěn, [問診], (TCM) interrogation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊[sì zhěn]
        hòuzhěn, [候診], waiting to see a doctor/awaiting treatment
        yìngzhěn, [應診], to see patients (of doctor)/to hold a surgery

        zhìliáo, [治療], to treat (an illness)/medical treatment/therapy
        yīliáo, [醫療], medical treatment
        liáofǎ, [療法], therapy/treatment
        huàliáo, [化療], chemotherapy
        liáochéng, [療程], course of treatment
        liáo, [療], to treat/to cure/therapy
        liáoyǎngyuàn, [療養院], sanatorium
        lǐliáo, [理療], physiotherapy
        liáoyǎng, [療養], to get well/to heal/to recuperate/to convalesce/convalescence/to nurse
        yīliáofèi, [醫療費], medical expenses
        shuǐliáo, [水療], hydrotherapy/aquatherapy
        zhěnliáo, [診療], diagnosis and treatment
        liáoxiào, [療效], healing efficacy/healing effect
        diànliáo, [電療], electrotherapy
        wùlǐliáofǎ, [物理療法], physiotherapy/physical therapy
        shíliáo, [食療], food therapy/treatment via food (TCM)

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