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Word: freq index 5084
HSK 5 character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 1931
[賠] péi to compensate for loss
to indemnify
to suffer a financial loss

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        péicháng, [賠償], to compensate
        péi, [賠], to compensate for loss/to indemnify/to suffer a financial loss
        suǒpéi, [索賠], to ask for compensation/to claim damages/claim for damages
        péichángjīn, [賠償金], compensation
        péiqián, [賠錢], to lose money/to pay for damages
        lǐpéi, [理賠], to settle a claim/claims settlement/payment of claims
        péifù, [賠付], to pay out/to compensate/(insurance) payment
        péikuǎn, [賠款], reparations/to pay reparations
        péizuì, [賠罪], to apologize
        péibúshi, [賠不是], to apologize
        péiběn, [賠本], loss/to sustain losses
        péilǐ, [賠禮], to offer an apology/to make amends
        bāopéi, [包賠], guarantee to pay compensations

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