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pǎotuǐ to run errands

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        páo/pǎo, (of an animal) to paw (the ground), to run/to run away/to escape/to run around (...
        táopǎo, to flee from sth/to run away/to escape
        pǎobù, to run/to jog/(military) to march at the double
        luànpǎo, [亂跑], to run around all over the place
        pǎodào, athletic track/track/runway (i.e. airstrip)
        pǎochē, [跑車], racing bicycle/sporting bicycle/sports car/logging truck/on the job (of a train ...
        bēnpǎo, to run
        sàipǎo, [賽跑], race (running)/to race (running)
        pǎotuǐ, to run errands
        pǎotí, [跑題], to digress/to stray from the topic
        qǐpǎo, to start running/the start of a race
        chángpǎo, [長跑], long-distance running
        gǎnpǎo, [趕跑], to drive away/to force out/to repel
        pǎolóngtào, [跑龍套], to play a small role
线         qǐpǎoxiàn, [起跑線], the starting line (of a race)/scratch line (in a relay race)
        pǎobiàn, to go everywhere/to scour (the whole town)
西         dōngbēnxīpǎo, [東奔西跑], to run this way and that (idiom); to rush about busily/to bustle about
        pǎoxié, running shoes
        duǎnpǎo, sprint (race)
        pǎomǎ, [跑馬], horse race/to ride a horse at a fast pace/wet dream
        zhùpǎo, to run up (pole vault, javelin, bowling etc)/approach/run-up/(aviation) takeoff ...
        fēipǎo, [飛跑], to run like the wind/to rush/to gallop
        zhōngchángpǎo, [中長跑], middle distance race
        pǎobiǎo, [跑錶], stopwatch

        tuǐ, [骽], leg/CL:條|条[tiáo], hip bone/old variant of 腿[tuǐ]
        dàtuǐ, thigh
        huǒtuǐ, ham/CL:個|个[gè]
        pǎotuǐ, to run errands
        xiǎotuǐ, lower leg (from knee to ankle)/shank
        tuōhòutuǐ, [拖後腿], to impede/to obstruct/to hold back
        quétuǐ, crippled/lame/a cripple/a lame person
        tuǐjiǎo, [腿腳], legs and feet/ability to walk/strides
        kùtuǐ, [褲腿], trouser leg
        gǒutuǐzi, dog's leg/fig. one who follows a villain/henchman/hired thug
        bátuǐ, to break into a run
        sātuǐ, to take to one's heels/to scram
        èrlángtuǐ, one leg over the other (legs crossed)
        luóquāntuǐ, [羅圈腿], bow-legged/bandy-legged
        pántuǐ, [盤腿], to sit cross-legged/to sit in the lotus position
        bǎngtuǐ, [綁腿], leg wrappings/puttee/gaiters/leggings
        tuǐdùzi, calf (back of the leg below the knee)
        nítuǐzi, peasant/yokel
        chěhòutuǐ, [扯後腿], to be a drag or hindrance on sb

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