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Word: freq index 5929
HSK 6 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 2019
[轟] hōng explosion
to attack
to shoo away
to expel

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hōng, [轟], explosion/bang/boom/rumble/to attack/to shoo away/to expel
        hōngdòng, [轟動], to cause a sensation/to create a stir in (a place)/commotion/controversy
        hōngzhà, [轟炸], to bomb/to bombard/CL:陣|阵[zhèn]
        hōngzhàjī, [轟炸機], bomber (aircraft)
        hōnghōnglièliè, [轟轟烈烈], strong/vigorous/large-scale
        pàohōng, [炮轟]/[砲轟], to bombard/to bomb/(fig.) to criticize/to roast, to bombard/to bomb/trad. also w...
        hōnghōng, [轟轟], booming/roaring
        hōngmíng, [轟鳴], boom (sound of explosion)/rumble
        hōngdòngyīshí, [轟動一時], to cause a sensation (idiom)
        hōnglōng, [轟隆], (onom.) rumbling/rolling
        kuánghōnglànzhà, [狂轟濫炸], to bomb indiscriminately
        hōngjī, [轟擊], bombard
        hōngrán, [轟然], loudly/with a loud bang/a loud rumble

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