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Word: freq index 24829
HSK 6 character: radical , 16 strokes, freq index 2809
[轍] chè to remove
to withdraw
zhé rut
(dialect) way

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chóngdǎofùzhé, [重蹈覆轍], to follow the track of an overturned cart/to repeat a disastrous policy
        méizhé, [沒轍], at one's wit's end/unable to find a way out
        rúchūyīzhé, [如出一轍], to be precisely the same/to be no different
        fùzhé, [覆轍], disastrous policy
        chè/zhé, [轍], to remove/to withdraw, rut/track/rhyme/(dialect) way/method
        chēzhé, [車轍], rut (of a wagon)/track
        nányuánběizhé, [南轅北轍], to act in a way that defeats one's purpose (idiom)
        gǎixiányìzhé, [改弦易轍], change of string, move out of rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction/to dance...

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