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Word: freq index 8102
HSK 6 character: radical , 15 strokes, freq index 2155
zhē to cover up (a shortcoming)
to screen off
to hide
to conceal

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhē, to cover up (a shortcoming)/to screen off/to hide/to conceal
        zhēzhù, to cover (up)/to block/to obstruct/to shade
        zhēyǎn, to cover/to mask/to cover up or conceal (the truth etc)
        zhēzhēyǎnyǎn, to be secretive; to try to cover up (idiom)
        zhēgài, [遮蓋], to hide/to cover (one's tracks)
        zhēbì, to cover/to hide from view/to obstruct or block/defilade (military)
        zhēdǎng, [遮擋], to shelter/to shelter from
        zhēxiūbù, G-string/loincloth/fig. last semblance/CL:塊|块[kuài]
        zhēyáng, [遮陽], to shield from the sun
        Pángzhēpǔ, Punjab state of India/Punjab province of Pakistan
        zhētiānbìrì, lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom); fig. earth-shattering/omnipr...
        zhēxiū, to cover up one's embarrassment/to hush up a scandal
        zhēyángbǎn, [遮陽板], sun visor/sunshade/sunshading board

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