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[鉛錘] qiānchuí bob of a plumbline

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qiānbǐ, [鉛筆], (lead) pencil/CL:支[zhī],枝[zhī],桿|杆[gǎn]
        qiān, [鈆]/[鉛], old variant of 鉛|铅[qiān], lead (chemistry)
        qiānbǐhé, [鉛筆盒], pencil case
        qiānqiú, [鉛球], shot put (athletics event)
        qiānzì, [鉛字], type/movable letters (printing)
        qiānchuí, [鉛錘], bob of a plumbline
        zìdòngqiānbǐ, [自動鉛筆], mechanical pencil/propelling pencil

        chuízi, [錘子], hammer/CL:把[bǎ]
        chuí, [錘]/[鎚], hammer/to hammer into shape/weight (e.g. of a steelyard or balance)/to strike wi...
        yīchuídìngyīn, [一錘定音], lit. to fix the tone with a single hammer blow/fig. to make the final decision
        fǎngchuí, [紡錘], spindle
        dīngchuí, [釘錘], nail hammer/claw hammer
        qiānchuí, [鉛錘], bob of a plumbline
        chuígǔ, [錘骨], malleus or hammer bone of middle ear

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