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Word: freq index 11357
HSK 6 character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 2049
[鋒] fēng point of a spear
edge of a tool
forward (in sports team)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fēnglì, [鋒利], sharp (e.g. knife blade)/incisive/to the point
        dāofēng, [刀鋒], cutting edge or point of a knife, sword or tool
        fēng, [鋒], point of a spear/edge of a tool/vanguard/forward (in sports team)
        qiánfēng, [前鋒], vanguard/front line/a forward (sports)
        xiānfēng, [先鋒], vanguard/pioneer/avant-garde
        chōngfēngqiāng, [衝鋒槍], submachine gun
        chōngfēng, [衝鋒], to charge/to assault/assault
        zhēnfēngxiāngduì, [針鋒相對], to oppose each other with equal harshness (idiom); tit for tat/measure for measu...
        jiāofēng, [交鋒], to cross swords/to have a confrontation (with sb)
        zhōngfēng, [中鋒], midfielder/center (basketball)/center forward (hockey, football)
        fēngmáng, [鋒芒], tip (of pencil, spear etc)/sharp point/cutting edge/spearhead/vanguard
        chōngfēngxiànzhèn, [衝鋒陷陣], to charge and break through enemy lines
        biānfēng, [邊鋒], wing/wing forward
        xiānfēngduì, [先鋒隊], vanguard
        fēngmángbìlù, [鋒芒畢露], to show off one's ability
        kāilùxiānfēng, [開路先鋒], pioneer/trailbreaker
        xiānfēngpài, [先鋒派], avant-garde
        LéiFēng, [雷鋒], Lei Feng (1940-1962), made into a model of altruism and dedication to the Party ...
        lěngfēng, [冷鋒], cold front (meteorology)
        bǐfēng, [筆鋒], the tip of a writing brush/vigor of style in writing/stroke/touch
        zhēngfēng, [爭鋒], to strive
        chūlùfēngmáng, [初露鋒芒], first sign of budding talent/to display one's ability for the first time
        nuǎnfēng, [暖鋒], warm front (meteorology)
        huàfēng, [話鋒], topic under discussion/thread of discussion

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