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[與否] yǔfǒu whether or not (at the end of a phrase)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yú/yǔ/yù, [與], variant of 歟|欤[yú], and/to give/together with, to take part in
        cānyù, [參與], to participate (in sth)
        yǔzhòngbùtóng, [與眾不同], to stand out from the masses (idiom)
        yǔcǐtóngshí, [與此同時], at the same time/meanwhile
        yǔfǒu, [與否], whether or not (at the end of a phrase)
        wúyǔlúnbǐ, [無與倫比], incomparable
        yǔshìgéjué, [與世隔絕], to be cut off from the rest of the world (idiom)
        cānyùzhě, [參與者], participant
        shìyǔyuànwéi, [事與願違], things turn out contrary to the way one wishes (idiom)
        zèngyǔ, [贈與], variant of 贈予|赠予[zèng yǔ]
        yǔqí, [與其], rather than.../與其|与其[yǔ qí] A 不如[bù rú] B (rather than A, better to B)
        yǔrìjùzēng, [與日俱增], to increase steadily/to grow with each passing day
        yǔrénwéishàn, [與人為善], to be of service to others/to help others/benevolent
        yǔshìwúzhēng, [與世無爭], to stand aloof from worldly affairs
        yùhuì, [與會], to participate in a meeting
        róngrǔyǔgòng, [榮辱與共], (of friends or partners) to share both the honor and the disgrace (idiom)
        yǔshìchángcí, [與世長辭], to die/to depart from the world forever

        shìfǒu, whether (or not)/if/is or isn't
        fǒuzé, [否則], if not/otherwise/else/or else
        néngfǒu, whether or not/can it or can't it/is it possible?
        fǒurèn, [否認], to declare to be untrue/to deny
        yǔfǒu, [與否], whether or not (at the end of a phrase)
        fǒudìng, to negate/to deny/to reject/negative (answer)/negation
        fǒujué, [否決], to veto/to overrule
        fǒu/pǐ, to negate/to deny/not, clogged/evil
        kěfǒu, is it possible or not?
        shǐkǒufǒurèn, [矢口否認], to deny flatly
        fǒujuéquán, [否決權], veto power
        bùzhìkěfǒu, decline to comment/not express an opinion/be noncommittal/hedge

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