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Word: freq index 113
HSK 1 character: radical 丿, 3 strokes, freq index 11
[麼] exclamatory final particle
ma interrogative final particle
me suffix, used to form interrogative 什麼
>什么[shén me], what?, indefinite 這麼
>这么[zhè me] thus, etc
[麽] me variant of 麼

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shénme, [什麼], what?/something/anything
        zěnme, [怎麼]/[怎麽], how?/what?/why?, variant of 怎麼|怎么[zěn me]
        wèishénme, [為什麼], why?/for what reason?
        zhème, [這麼], so much/this much/how much?/this way/like this
        nàme, [那麼], like that/in that way/or so/so/so very much/about/in that case
        má/ma/me, [麼]/[麽], exclamatory final particle, interrogative final particle, suffix, used to form i...
        zěnmeyàng, [怎麼樣], how?/how about?/how was it?/how are things?
        méishénme, [沒什麼], nothing/it doesn't matter/it's nothing/never mind
        zěnmebàn, [怎麼辦], what's to be done
        gànshénme, [幹什麼], what are you doing?/what's he up to?
        shénmeyàng, [什麼樣], what kind?/what sort?/what appearance?
        duōme, [多麼], how (wonderful etc)/what (a great idea etc)/however (difficult it may be etc)/(i...
        yàome, [要麼], or/either one or the other
        shénmede, [什麼的], and so on/and what not
        zěnmezhāo, [怎麼著], what?/how?/how about?/whatever/also pr. [zěn me zhe]
        bùzěnme, [不怎麼], not very/not particularly
        zhèmezhe, [這麼著], thus/in this way/like this
        zhèmeyàng, [這麼樣], thus/in this way
        zěnmedéliǎo, [怎麼得了], how can this be?/what's to be done?/what an awful mess!

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