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Word: freq index 1812
HSK 1 character: radical , 4 strokes, freq index 183
jīn now
the present time
this (day, year etc)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jīntiān, today/at the present/now
        jīnwǎn, tonight
        jīnnián, this year
        jīn, now/the present time/current/contemporary/this (day, year etc)
        rújīn, nowadays/now
        zhìjīn, so far/to this day/until now
        jīnrì, today
        jīnhòu, [今後], hereafter/henceforth/in the future/from now on
        jīnyè, tonight/this evening
        qìjīnwéizhǐ, [迄今為止], so far/up to now/still (not)
        dāngjīn, [當今], current/present/now/nowadays
        xiànjīn, [現今], now/nowadays/modern
        jīnshēng, this life
        jīnchén, this morning
        érjīn, now/at the present (time)
        qìjīn, so far/to date/until now
        jīnr, [今兒], (coll.) today
        shízhìjīnrì, [時至今日], (idiom) up to the present/even now/now (in contrast with the past)/at this late ...
        jīnfēixībǐ, things are very different now (idiom)/times have changed
        jīnzhāo, at the present/now
        gǔwǎngjīnlái, [古往今來], since ancient times/since times immemorial
        jīnrge, [今兒個], (coll.) today
        jīnshì, this life/this age
        gǔjīn, then and now/ancient and modern
        jīnxī, past and present/yesterday and today

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