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Word: freq index 83985
cuīféi to fatten (animal before slaughter)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        cuī, to urge/to press/to prompt/to rush sb/to hasten sth/to expedite
        cuīmián, hypnosis
        cuīhuàjì, [催化劑], catalyst
        cuīmiánshù, [催眠術], hypnotism/hypnotherapy/mesmerism
        cuīcù, to urge
        cuīlèidàn, [催淚彈], tear bomb/tear-gas grenade
        cuīhuà, catalysis/to catalyze (a reaction)
        cuīmiánqǔ, lullaby
        cuīmiányào, [催眠藥], soporific drug
        cuīmìng, to press sb to death/fig. to pressurize sb continually
        cuīshēng, to induce labor/to expedite childbirth
        cuīchǎn, [催產], to induce labor/to expedite childbirth
        cuīshú, to promote ripening of fruit
        cuītǎo, [催討], to demand repayment of debt
        cuīféi, to fatten (animal before slaughter)
        cuītùjì, [催吐劑], an emetic
        cuībī, to press (for a payment)

        féi, fat/fertile/loose-fitting or large/to fertilize/to become rich by illegal means/...
        jiǎnféi, [減肥], to lose weight
        féizào, soap/CL:塊|块[kuài],條|条[tiáo]
        féipàng, fat/obese
        féiliào, fertilizer/manure
        féiròu, fat (e.g. pork fat)/fat meat
        féidà, loose fitting clothes/fat/stout/swelling (of internal organ)/hypertrophy
        féiwò, fertile
        huàféi, fertilizer
        féihòu, plump/fleshy/fertile
        duīféi, compost
        féizàopào, soap bubble
        fènféi, [糞肥], manure/dung
        féishuò, [肥碩], fleshy (fruit)/plump/large and firm-fleshed (limbs, body)/stout
        shīféi, to spread manure/to apply fertilizer
        féiměi, fertile/luxuriant/plump/rounded
        féipàngzhèng, obesity
        biāoféitǐzhuàng, [膘肥體壯], (of a livestock animal) plump and strong/well-fed
        shíyánérféi, lit. to grow fat eating one's words (idiom)/fig. not to live up to one's promise...
        féicháng, [肥腸], pig-gut (large intestine used as foodstuff)
        féizàomò, soapy lather/foam
        cuīféi, to fatten (animal before slaughter)
        féizhuàng, [肥壯], stout and strong
        féiquē, lucrative post
        línféi, phosphate fertilizer

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