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[刑罰] xíngfá sentence

Character Composition

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        sǐxíng, death penalty
        xíngshì, criminal/penal
        fúxíng, to serve a prison sentence
        Xíng/xíng, surname Xing, punishment/penalty/sentence/torture/corporal punishment
        xíngjǐng, abbr. for 刑事警察[xíng shì jǐng chá]/criminal police
        xíngqī, prison term
        xíngxíng, to carry out a (death) sentence/execution
        huǎnxíng, [緩刑], suspended sentence/probation
        pànxíng, to sentence (to prison etc)
        kùxíng, cruelty/torture
        jiǎnxíng, [減刑], to reduce penalty/shortened or commuted (judicial) sentence
        yánxíng, [嚴刑], strict law/cruel punishment/to carry out cruel law rigorously
        jiǎoxíng, [絞刑], to execute by hanging
        xíngfá, [刑罰], sentence/penalty/punishment
        wúqītúxíng, [無期徒刑], life imprisonment
        xíngxùn, [刑訊], interrogation under torture/inquisition
        xíngfǎ, criminal law
        yǒuqītúxíng, limited term of imprisonment (i.e. anything less than life imprisonment)
        túxíng, prison sentence
        xíngjù, punishment equipment/torture instrument
        diànxíng, [電刑], to torture sb using electricity/electrocution (capital punishment)
        xíngzhēn, [刑偵], criminal investigation
        jiǎoxíngjià, [絞刑架], gibbet/hanging post
        xíngchǎng, [刑場], execution ground/gallows/scaffold
        liàngxíng, to assess punishment/to determine the sentence (on a criminal)
        xíngshìfànzuì, criminal offense
        chǔxíng, [處刑], to sentence/to condemn
        shòuxíng, beaten/tortured/executed
        jíxíng, [極刑], supreme penalty/execution
        xíngfáng, office of punishment/torture chamber (esp. unofficial)
        línxíng, [臨刑], facing execution
        kǔxíng, torture/corporal punishment (traditionally involving mutilation or amputation)
        gōngxíng, [宮刑], castration (archaic punishment)
        xíngshìfàn, a criminal

        chéngfá, [懲罰], penalty/punishment/to punish
        fá, [罰]/[罸], to punish/to penalize, variant of 罰|罚[fá]
        chǔfá, [處罰], to penalize/to punish
        fákuǎn, [罰款], to fine/penalty/fine (monetary)
        fáqiú, [罰球], penalty shot/penalty kick (in sports)
        fájīn, [罰金], fine/to forfeit
        xíngfá, [刑罰], sentence/penalty/punishment
        chéngfáxìng, [懲罰性], punitive
        zéfá, [責罰], to punish/to chastise
        tǐfá, [體罰], corporal punishment
        zhòngfá, [重罰], to punish severely
        zhǔfá, [主罰], penalty (kick)
        shǎngfá, [賞罰], reward and punishment

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