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Word: freq index 1678
HSK 5 character: radical , 9 strokes, freq index 787
xíng mold

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xíng, mold/type/style/model
        fàxíng, [髮型], hairstyle/coiffure/hairdo
        lèixíng, [類型], type/category/genre/form/style
        zàoxíng, to model/to shape/appearance/style/design/form/pose
        móxíng, model/mold/matrix/pattern
        diǎnxíng, model/typical case/archetype/typical/representative
        dàxíng, large/large-scale
        xiǎoxíng, small scale/small size
        xínghào, [型號], model (particular version of a manufactured article)/type (product specification...
        jùxíng, giant/enormous
        xuèxíng, blood group/blood type
        tǐxíng, [體型], build/body type
        wēixíng, miniature/micro-/tiny
        yuánxíng, model/prototype/archetype
        xīnxíng, new type/new kind
        zhòngxíng, heavy/heavy duty/large caliber
        dìngxíng, to finalize (a design etc)/stereotype/permanent wave or perm (hairdressing)
        zhuǎnxíng, [轉型], transformation/to transform
        chéngxíng, to become shaped/to become formed
        qīngxíng, [輕型], light (machinery, aircraft etc)
        zhōngxíng, medium sized
        liǎnxíng, [臉型], shape of face/physiognomy
        zìxíng, font/typeface
线         liúxiànxíng, [流線型], sleek/streamlined
        háohuáxíng, [豪華型], deluxe model
        wàixiàngxíng, export-oriented (economic model)
        xíngshì, type/pattern/version/style
        jìxíng, [劑型], delivery mechanism of a medicine (e.g. pill, powder etc)
        jùxíng, sentence pattern (in grammar)

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